Massachusetts Democrats believe that a sound and humane immigration policy is an opportunity to extend equal freedom, opportunity, and access to the American Dream. We recognize that the strength of Massachusetts, as well as that of the United States, is built on our long history of immigration. This history has resulted in a more prosperous, diverse, and culturally rich state.

Massachusetts Democrats support:

  • Recognizing immigrants as important and integral parts of our community, social fabric, and economy;
  • The DREAM Act and extending the same equal access to higher education to all residents;
  • Visa programs that welcome immigrants with needed skills, and would enable immigrants who come here for education to stay after graduation;
  • An immigration process that keeps all types of families together and helps them reunify;
  • A pathway to citizenship to all documented and undocumented immigrants that is fair and timely;
  • Access to linguistically and culturally competent services and fair policies to facilitate immigrant integration into American society;
  • Testing and providing drivers licenses to all of-age residents regardless of immigration status;
  • Enforcement of rules that prevent employers from exploiting immigrants who are afraid to report violations; and
  • The elimination of policies that make local and state officials responsible for the enforcement of national immigration laws, and the elimination of enforcement policies that profile and treat undocumented immigrants as criminals.