Massachusetts Democrats believe that every person should enjoy good quality of life and good health and wellbeing. We believe that high-quality and affordable health care should be available to all through a single payer government sponsored program like Medicare, regardless of employment status.  We support policies which not only make healthcare more affordable, but which reduce its overall cost. We believe that every person and family should have access to what is needed to help them to grow and thrive while living successfully in economic independence.

Massachusetts Democrats Support:

  • High-quality, accessible health care services including support services to children and families;
  • Access to preventative care through primary care physicians;
  • Full implementation of health care reform;
  • Eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities;
  • Providing services that support and promote individual choice and civil rights for all people with disabilities;
  • Community based mental health and addiction recovery services;
  • Public health initiatives that help economically disadvantaged individuals, families and other vulnerable populations to sustain health, housing, employment, and good nutrition;
  • Adequate funding for medical research to further advance preventative medicine and to find cures for chronic and debilitating diseases;
  • Women’s reproductive rights and woman’s right to choose;
  • Reducing unintended pregnancies; and
  • Veterans’ health services including those who suffer from physical and mental health issues.