Massachusetts Democrats believe in safeguarding the health of our citizens, protecting natural ecosystems, and catalyzing green economic growth. We believe that people have the right to clean air, clean water, clean soil and a safe and healthy environment. We believe that promoting clean-energy technologies, energy conservation, and energy efficiency is critically important to lowering energy costs, enhancing energy security and reliability, growing green jobs, and reaping environmental benefits.

Massachusetts Democrats Support:

  • Preserving our natural resources and protecting and expanding our open spaces;
  • Protecting our air and water;
  • Environmental justice for low income and minority communities;
  • Providing clean, reliable, and renewable energy, and investing in the development of these technologies;
  • Energy conservation and energy efficiency;
  • Protecting our wildlife and natural habitats and prioritizing the preservation of open spaces and urban wilds by all means necessary, including state and municipal acquisition;
  • Reducing waste and increasing recycling in all of our communities, and increasing access to recycling and safe disposal facilities for hazardous materials;
  • Smart Growth development;
  • Increasing investments and promotion of public transportation throughout the Commonwealth;
  • Water and waste water infrastructure improvements;
  • Promoting strategies to quickly stabilize atmospheric CO2 based on the recommendations of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, currently set at a maximum of 350 parts per million;
  • Divesting public pensions, trusts and other financial instruments away from producers of non-renewable energy sources in favor of green and renewable energy producers; and
  • Policies which accurately reflect the cost of producing and burning carbon-based fuels.